You deploy, we manage.

BlockJoy allows you to deploy and run your own blockchain nodes on any infrastructure you choose.

Whether it’s cryptocurrencies, decentralized finance, privacy respecting social networks, instant messaging with no middlemen, or some future innovation, these are powered by blockchain nodes running on some infrastructure.

Until now, these blockchain nodes can be difficult to deploy and maintain. Just as we see Amazon, Google, and Microsoft centralizing cloud infrastructure, the same is happening with enterprise blockchain “hosting”.



A purpose built Blockchain hypervisor & management tool
Blockvisor layout

Kubernetes and Docker were never designed for Blockchains. They have no integration with Blockchains, nor the common functionality needed to properly manage and run them. Especially, when you think about the performance requirements as well as the costs to operate. Furthermore, cloud providers like AWS and GCP can be very expensive with their infrastructure priced and designed for different use cases.

As part of our focus on cost/performance ratio, we have developed a completely custom solution to deploy & manage blockchain (Nodes, Validators, ETLs) with the mere click of a button. We call it BlockVisor. It is a purpose built Blockchain hypervisor + management UI. You can think of it like VMWare + Docker + Kubernetes all rolled into one with a nifty UI. This allows us to deploy and manage Validators, Nodes, and ETLs with ease.

BlockVisor features

Deploy (anywhere)
Auto upgrade
Run Multiple on single host
Dynamically scale resources based on blockchain/validation activity
Auto Restart
Auto Recovery
Monitor Performance of both the node and host its running on
Full API Access


We believe that people should be able to easily run their own web3 infrastructure (blockchain nodes) anywhere they want. BlockJoy allows you to deploy to your own data centers, cloud accounts, or wherever that makes the most sense for you.

You are in full control of your infrastructure, BlockJoy just makes it drop-dead-simple to deploy and manage it. You can run one or thousands all with ease. Leveraging our BlockVisor technology, your resource overhead and overall operating costs should be substantially reduced. You will be able to easily monitor and manage one or thousands. Our system automates nearly all of the operation required, so you don’t have to worry about it!

Supported Chains

We are quickly on-boarding new chains. Here is our current progress:

  • Helium


  • Solana


  • Ethereum 2.0


  • Algorand


  • Avalanche


BlockJoy was born out of our experience running the largest Helium Validators as a Service network. We operate over 25% of the validation network. We started as just a side project to manage our own staking with friends and family. We built advanced tooling to make it easy for a team of two to easily manage all our validators. But by word-of-mouth (and the sheer difficulty of installing and running nodes), our little side VaaS company grew crazy fast.

We soon realized that VaaS is really bad for a network. It continues to centralize the control of the network. We decided to turn our BlockVisor platform into a SaaS tool, so that anyone could launch and run their own node without any of the headaches. But they have full control over where and on what infrastructure it runs. We feel this gets back to the original intent where operators of the network run their own nodes. BlockJoy just takes the headaches away.

Besides running validators, we also manage Helium’s blockchain APIs along wth several other enterprise customers.

Chris Bruce
Chris Bruce
Founder & CEO

A strong team of business founders and web3 tech experts.

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    Chris Bruce

    Founder & CEO

    Lean Entrepreneur, Software/Hardware Hacker, Product/UX Lover, Previously: Founder of Lumeo, Head of Product Helium, Founder of Sproutling (acquired by Mattel), Founder of Diversion, Founding Team of Rupture (acquired by Electronic Arts).

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    Sean Carey

    Founder & CTO

    Infrastructure God. Co-founder of Helium. Basho, Scaled GIPHY, IBM, Thrasio.

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    Ryan Carey


    Seasoned Linux infrastructure engineer primarily focused on system operations and availability. Ryan’s day to day work is to ensure validators deployed by Blockjoy are running optimally. Previously worked for Basho, Helium and Thrasio.

Consulting & Managed Services

We know that web3 is an emerging technology and there is a lot to get done. If you need help, we are happy to offer consulting and managed services. Our team are experts at Infrastructure, system architecture, Rust, and Go. We usually like to work on projects that are mutually beneficial and aligned with our shared goals.